About TCS

TCS is a supplier of industrial cranes, steelworks and industrial buildings for clients through the complete range of industries.

By offering tailor made products starting from the particular needs from of our customer and his business needs, TCS supports you during the realizing of your projects and is a solid partner in your way to reach your competitive edge.
The customer can rely on a "proven track record" from more than 30 years in engineering, creativity, quality assurance and safety regulations. Our in-house experts join their competence to elaborate the ideal product or concept which meets the client’s needs.

We differentiate by true expertise which is demonstrated by measurable, consistently superior performance. We are not the “supposed experts” who are superior only when it comes to explaining why they made errors. 

Our expertise is build on considerable practice, reflection and analysis and is improved by consistency and carefully controlled efforts. 

Client driven approach

Preliminary analysis:

After a thoroughly analysis of the client’s specifications and his product/business needs we provide a well defined solution where all those needs are taken into account with respect to statutory regulations, applicable norms and desired output. 

TCS proposal is a perfect mix of their products and other necessary demands. 

The preliminary analysis is presented by drawings, performance description together with a financial proposal. 


Our in-house engineering team will design a "state-of-the-art" product based on the preliminary analysis. 

The engineering is done with the latest 3D soft-ware for static and dynamic calculations and structural drawings. 

If wanted even a 3D animation film can be provided to show the client a look-a-like and the way his project will be operating.


Based on the calculations and structural drawings detailed construction drawings are generated according to well defined procedures. These procedures reflect the more than 30-years experience and are managed by the ISO 9001 methodology

The complete project will be split up into the smallest possible part and fabricated according to the latest specifications with respect to the general project planning and guarantees a real-time progress status of the project. 

Nevertheless the project are realized in project teams, the customer’s contact is only one person: the project manager
He ensures that all stages of the projects are seamlessly interconnected to each other and your entire project meets the required business needs and time schedule


After fulfilling all the necessary checks according to the statutory and technical procedure the desired documents are handed over to guarantee formally the function of our products

Additional training programs can be foreseen for operational and maintenance people which ensure a 100% operational product.


Our team of experts offers you – supervised by the project leader - a budgetary and technical complete solution to size!


We will provide you with excellent work. All our products are manufactured in our own workshop in accordance with the highest quality standards and requirements


Your product will be assembled professionally in accordance with the highest standards! Transit will take place with respect for safety and the timing agreed!


You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


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