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TCS, your partner for material handling.

Timmers Cranes and Steelworks - TCS – provides solutions for the handling of your goods from 100 kg to 150 tons.
Always customized to your needs and budget.

TCS, an answer to every question.

You are looking for ...

  • a slewing crane
  • an overhead travelling crane
  • a gantry crane
  • a industrial trolley on a runway


But you have a lot of questions: 

  •  Who will provide you with the matching runways that will meet the rigid requirements in terms of alignment?
  • Which FEM group should you choose, which speeds, a rope hoist or an open winch ?
  • How can the appliance be properly erected in the hard-to-reach area in your hall?
  • Is an automated solution, connected to your warehouse control system possible as well?
  • ...

Discuss your questions with our experts!
As an independent manufacturer with years and years of experience, TCS can advise you, discuss various alternatives and present you with a complete concept including runways, erection and automation.

In this way you can make the right decision!

TCS, perfect custom-made appliances thanks to experience.

Our engineers combine well-considered standard products, parts made to size, electrical control and automation. 

This is translated in detail in mechanical plans, electrical schemes and operating programs with the most up-to-date CAD software.

After this you can be certain of a perfect realisation!
This is guaranteed to you thanks to the well thought-out production and erection methods of TCS.

Please click on one of the categories to the left to view our portfolio of completed projects.

TCS, thinks along with you.

Do you have an existing installation?
Make an appeal to TCS for its modernization, adaptation or automation.

You can also count on us for the maintenance of your installation.

You can find more information on our 24 hour a day service department.


Required expertise on hand, both electrical and mechanical. Customer-oriented and creative.


TCS - guaranteed welding quality, enforced inspections and tests before transportation!


TCS commands years and years of experience and all the necessary tools. An optimal organisation of the work results in accuracy, safety and quality.


TCS - installing, testing and commisionning of your TCS crane on site. Optimum maintenance of your TCS crane. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available.