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For the erection of you hoist and the accompanying runways you can rely upon our years and years of experience. 

The erection department of TCS has all the necessary tools for a proper erection and punctual delivery of your installation. 

In this case we refer to :

  • standard and specialized tools
  • cherry pickers
  • cranes
  • optical measuring instruments
  • trailers for exceptional transport

Thanks to a safe, swift and precise assembly TCS can guarantee both correct planning and a qualitative result.



Required expertise on hand, both electrical and mechanical. Customer-oriented and creative.


TCS - guaranteed welding quality, enforced inspections and tests before transportation!


TCS commands years and years of experience and all the necessary tools. An optimal organisation of the work results in accuracy, safety and quality.


TCS - installing, testing and commisionning of your TCS crane on site. Optimum maintenance of your TCS crane. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available.