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We will take care of the electrical connections and functional tests of our appliances on the site. We will also assist the notified body during the legal verification before industrial operation. 

Correctly executed preventative maintenance is an absolute must to guarantee operational reliability and safe operation of your TCS hoists after engagement. Our TCS services department is best equipped to do this. Our technical staff, after all, has the proper education and information and can count on the support of the TCS engineers who designed the crane. 

If you enter into a maintenance and service agreement with us you can count on a correct periodical inspection, maintenance and succession of your TCS hoist. If a breakdown occurs we will repair your crane as soon as possible. In order to do so our aftersales department is accessible 24 hours a day. In urgent cases in Belgium we can be at your location within 6 hours. With our aftersales department you can of course also find the proper original spare parts. 

You can also make an appeal to our service department for the insertion of options to TCS cranes or cranes of another manufacturer, such as: 

  • radio controls
  • weight indication
  • zone security or anti-collision installation

After consideration our services department can also carry out maintenance and repairs to appliances which were not supplied by us.


Required expertise on hand, both electrical and mechanical. Customer-oriented and creative.


TCS - guaranteed welding quality, enforced inspections and tests before transportation!


TCS commands years and years of experience and all the necessary tools. An optimal organisation of the work results in accuracy, safety and quality.


TCS - installing, testing and commisionning of your TCS crane on site. Optimum maintenance of your TCS crane. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available.