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Together with the customer it is examined

  • where we need to start
  • where you have to introduces machines
  • where other contractors can work,

Where you think you have a problem, we would like to solve this for you.

Our very experienced personnel assemble all elements by using the correct tools and means.
They also use very precise optical and other means of measurement.

The assembly takes place entirely according to the requirements of
the VCA**-certificate ( safety tickets ).

The transport occurs with company trailers for exceptional transport.

You are therefore ensured of a correct delivery; safe and according to the agreed timing.



Experience, knowledge and the most modern means - that is what makes our team so strong.


We will provide you with excellent work! All our products are manufactured inhouse in accordance with the highest quality standards and requirements.


Your product is professionally assembled according to the highest standards! Erection of a steel structure is straightforward? Often it isn’t...


You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our service department will also assist you with the casing, inspection and maintenance of your machinery.