29 october 2013

TCS holds EN 1090-1 certification in class EXC4

From 1 July 2014, CE marking according to the Construction Products Regulation will be mandatory for all new structural steel components within the European market. TCS in Houthalen (Belgium) is already compliant, having acquired the necessary EN 1090-1 certificate in June 2013. The TCS certificate is valid for constructions up to class EXC4, the highest execution class. It means that the company is ready to meet the most stringent design and production requirements and is able to supply structural steel for the most important national and international projects.

EN 1090-1 is currently a hot topic throughout the Belgian steel construction industry ...

... indeed for the entire European steel construction sector. As of 1 July 2014, all structural steel components will be subject to this harmonized European standard. Despite the proximity of this deadline, only a handful of Belgian companies have already been able to successfully certify their factory production control system (FPC). Conformity with EN 1090-1 means that steel constructors must comply with more than 150 technical standards.

The execution of structural steel is subject to increasingly stringent requirements.

Depending on the future use and possible consequences in the event of failure, the execution of structural steel is subject to increasingly stringent requirements. This places exceptional demands on the entire execution process. Every aspect must be in accordance with the new requirements, from the expertise and skills of project engineers to production personnel such as welders. Companies applying to design and build constructions in the highest execution class will first have to certify that their management and production processes are appropriate to achieve the highest technical quality.

Ready for the most demanding designs

TCS acquired the EN 1090-1 certificate in class EXC4 on 11 June 2013. This certificate is a prerequisite for demanding constructions where maximum reliability must be achieved. Examples include structural steel for bridges, power plants, railway stations, hospitals, and production units for the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry. In addition, TCS acquired the certificate for structural design, meaning that the company is also able to develop the technical design of such projects according to the requirements of EN 1090-1.

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