8 january 2014

Crane engineering: the smart way to outsource

Today’s economic climate has forced many industrial companies and logistics organisations to slim down their internal engineering offices. Consequently, numerous companies are outsourcing engineering tasks. However, there are drawbacks to this: few external offices have the understanding or experience of internal engineers. This often results in ill-adapted standard solutions that are more expensive than necessary. TCS gives you a practical and cost-effective alternative.

Continuous reality check

Every day, our engineering department confers with colleagues in the crane production department and the maintenance and renovation department known as Lifecycle Services. This close collaboration lets us conduct measurement campaigns and perform tests in the field. Structural issues are discussed with specialists in our steelworks and general contracting departments, leading to designs that are subject to continuous reality checks at an early stage and that are in line with actual priorities. The following two cases are great examples of this approach.

Case 1: replace or renovate an old crane?

An old portal crane at a construction company was showing signs of wear, no longer complying with safety regulations. In addition, the company wished to increase the crane hoisting capacity from 8 to 10 tonnes.

Since little crane data was available, replacing the crane seemed the obvious choice initially. Unfortunately, this solution was too costly. So, the company asked TCS for advice. We performed measurements, welding inspections and various tests on site. We studied the crane construction and outlined the quality and status of the electrical and mechanical components. This information enabled our engineers to develop a renovation plan, including itemised budgets and suggested priorities. It gave the company an understanding of the economic value of the crane as well as the costs for bringing it into safe operation again, temporarily or not. It was a clear case of practical advice supporting a sound decision.

Case 2: use or lose an existing crane?

A Flemish transportation company was renovating an old industrial building in Bredene for use as a maintenance workshop for its buses. The company wondered whether the building’s existing overhead travelling crane could be used and, if so, what adaptations were necessary. It asked TCS to analyse the situation.

We established that the crane was fit for the purpose but that it didn’t meet the safety requirements for the planned activities. A maintenance workshop is a complex logistic environment in which staff, vehicles and tools are constantly moving between different locations. This requires a carefully controlled zone safety system, preventing the crane from entering zones in which people are working or obstacles are present. We collected the required data and developed a detailed technical solution in close collaboration with the customer, including itemised budgets. The customer could then make a well-informed decision.


Make sure each solution fits your situation perfectly. Hire an engineering office that has a practical solution to every crane problem.

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