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Process cranes

Designed by TCS for your specific production process.

The gripper of your product can be, amongst others, a mechanical clamp, a magnetic installation or a vacuum appliance. 

If necessary, the load can be stabilized by a special rope reeving or by a mechanical guidance. In this way you obtain secure and swift handling of your goods. 

Because of the often high travelling speeds, the operator will operate the crane from an (accompanying) cabin or with radio controls.

The process crane can also be automated for you by us, in a stand-alone configuration or integrated into your system. For these often intensively used cranes we employ special cable hoists or open winches which have been developed by TCS.


Required expertise on hand, both electrical and mechanical. Customer-oriented and creative.


TCS - guaranteed welding quality, enforced inspections and tests before transportation!


TCS commands years and years of experience and all the necessary tools. An optimal organisation of the work results in accuracy, safety and quality.


TCS - installing, testing and commisionning of your TCS crane on site. Optimum maintenance of your TCS crane. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available.