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Advice for managing your crane fleet

What’s the status of your cranes and what do you need? Our Crane Services team examines your crane fleet thoroughly and identifies any wear or ageing issues in critical components, including rails. We carry out a lifecycle analysis and confer with our engineering department to outline possible options. We not only take into consideration the status of your fleet but also your plans for the future. We then give solid advice: some of your older cranes could be upgraded or renovated, while others might need to be replaced.

Renovate or repair? No problem: we take care of the mechanical as well as the electromechanical side. We renovate cranes on site, or perhaps somewhere nearby or in our workshop, depending on what’s most convenient for you. Need an old crane replaced? We help you define the specifications.

We also help you optimize crane fleet management, by developing appropriate periodic maintenance programmes, including handling spare parts. We train your personnel in how to carry out a range of maintenance activities, inspections and minor interventions.

And for complete peace of mind, we also offer a 24/7 intervention service. All year round.